Rolex Sales & Repair at Haypennie Jewelers

Haypennie Jewelers is well known throughout St. Petersburg, FL for our exceptional Rolex timepiece services. These luxury watches are in fact our specialty when it comes to watch repair. Our expert technician has decades of experience and is considered one of the industry leaders when it comes to Rolex repair services. Using only the finest tools, equipment, and manufactured parts, our jewelry store can fix and finish your timepiece in significantly less time than your typical Rolex Service Center-with the same standard of quality!

We perform cleaning, polishing, and lubricating to restore your Rolex to it's factory-finished state, regardless of wear and tear. We also take the time to conduct timing and pressure tests to evaluate the accuracy of the timepiece as well as ensure the waterproofness of the watch.

When you come to us for watch or jewelry repair, rest easy knowing your valuable is in good hands. Call Haypennie Jewelers today for pricing! We are happy to help you with any Rolex service needs.



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