About Our Company

There is never an occasion that is too small to be commemorated with a fine watch or jewelry.

Haypennie Jewelers serves as a full service jewelry store specializing in Rolex watches. We have a wide variety of high quality custom jewelry and efficient repair service for Men's and Women's Rolex timepieces.

We specialize in Rolex sales and repairs because we strive to be the number one luxury timepiece and watch sales store in all of St. Petersburg, FL. We offer a wide selection of Rolexes to accommodate all tastes. 

Furthermore, when you leave your piece in our hands for watch repair service, we not only restore your Rolex to pristine condition, but we also have a much quicker turnaround time than most other jewelry stores.

To learn more, call us today or send us an e-mail at judy_wasson@yahoo.com so we can start helping you! Haypennie Jewelers is your premier jeweler and watch store in St. Petersburg, FL.


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  • Experienced and Professional
  • Custom Designed Jewelry Available
  • Competitive Pricing


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